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About Merit Business Funding

Merit Business Funding is a Revenue Advance company that provides working capital to small and medium-sized businesses on a short-term basis (3-12 months) to fuel their growth and success. Our Revenue Advance is tailored to expanding companies in need of fast cash. The key advantages versus other types of capital sourcing are speed of funding, flexible payment options, and less documentation requirements.

A Revenue Advance is NOT a Business or Personal Loan. Instead, it’s a popular alternative to traditional source financing by the purchase of future sales at a discount, with a specified amount of future sales remitted to Merit Business Funding daily or weekly. An advance allows a business to take advantage of an asset that has yet to be produced in order to meet immediate cash-flow needs or to fund growth.

Customers remit the Purchased Receivables via daily, automated ACH debits from their business bank accounts, or via a split of their daily credit card receipts, if applicable. The goal is to provide fast access to capital through an accurate assessment of liquidity and risk.

A Merit Business Funding Advance does not encumber a home, car or other personal assets when entering into a Revenue Advance agreement.

Potential Uses of Revenue Advances

Upgrades to Equipment

Inventory Purchases

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Investments in IT and Infrastructure

Opening a New Location

Expand Into New Markets

Hire New Staff

Buying Out a Partner

Store Remodeling

in fact,

…ANY business purpose.

Focus Industries

Restaurants and Bars

Automotive Aftermarket

Health and Medical

Professional Services

Spas and Salons


(HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Renovations)

Traditional Retail

Submission Requirements

3-4 most recent business bank statements
Completed signed and dated Application

  • Application must be dated within the past 30 days
  • Business must be based in the US
  • Customer must be creating sales at the time of Submission
  • Customer must be current on rent or mortgage payments
  • No open Bankruptcy on business or guarantor
  • No Bankruptcy Dismissed within past 12 months
  • Guarantor must have a valid US SSN

Requirements to Fund

Monthly Deposit Minimum: $20,000

Monthly Deposit Count Minimum: 4 to 8

Minimum Time in Business: 12 months

Minimum Guarantor FICO: 575

Meet Your Team

Dave Shollock

Director of Business Development

Jake Strelzik

Business Development / Renewals Manager

Lisnet Rodriguez

ISO Sales Manager

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Common Questions About Merit Business Funding

There is no interest rate because this is not a loan. It’s a purchase of your company’s future sales, at a discount, in exchange for an immediate infusion of capital.

There is no fixed payback schedule. We get paid when you get paid, by taking a manageable percentage of your daily or weekly sales until the full amount of the future sales purchased has been remitted. If your sales slow, the amounts coming to us daily or weekly slow down as well. If your sales rise, your company discharges the obligation sooner than expected.

The percentage varies based on your liquidity and the margins in your industry. We always structure revenue advances and the daily remittances in such a way as not to stress a customer’s cash flow.

Personal credit is just one factor out of many that we take into consideration. We look beyond your personal credit score to assess the potential of your business.

No, we perform soft credit pulls through the major credit bureaus, which do not affect your personal score.

There are no personal guarantees of repayment with this product.

There is no prepayment penalty.

It’s possible for your company to receive funds within one business day of receipt of your application and supporting documents.

Yes, customers can take additional advances against their future sales once balance is reduced to 50% and sales increase consistently.

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